International Education outreach

Welcome to the LSU Museum of Natural Science amphibian and reptile conservation and education outreach page. We have constructed three kwik guides to help local people, educators, scientists and tourists identify some of the most common reptile and amphibian species in New Guinea ('kwik' is the neo-Melanesian or New Guinea Pidgin spelling of 'quick'). The main goal of these kwik guides it to bridge the gap between knowledge and conservation. Our hope is that by helping local people identify and better understand the animals that live on their land they will have a greater appreciation and desire to conserve wildlife. We have included brief tri-lingual informative messages about each important group. The guides were designed as educational posters but from this web site they can be downloaded as high quality pdf files to be printed lamented and posted in classrooms or as kwik field guides for field researchers, educational field trips, or those tramping through the bush for pure pleasure.

These kwik quides were funded with support from the US National Science Foundation (DEB 0445213 to Christopher Austin). Input on these kwik guides was provided by the Papua New Guinea Department of Education and the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery.

Conservation & Identification kwik Guides:
Kwik Guide # 1 v. 2.3 New Guinea Lizards
Kwik Guide # 2 v. 2.2 New Guinea Snakes
Kwik Guide # 3 v. 2.1 New Guinea Frogs
  Questions? Contact Chris Austin by clicking on this link
  Chris handing out a free Kwik Guide poster (prototype v. 1.0) to the Utai Village school headmaster's wife. Chris working with a Utai village elder to document Tok Ples names for the different species of amphibians and reptiles.