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General gardening

beds (Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey, Howard Williams, Carol Guidry)
beds with fast drainage (Haji Warf)
winter cover for hummers (Ron Rovansek)
freeze damage (Ron Rovansek)
frost protection (Ron Rovansek)
fertilizing hummer plants (Ron Rovansek, Haji Warf)
growing zones (John MacGregor)
hummer plants for Zone 7 (Ron Rovansek, Haji Warf)
hummer plants for Zone 6 (Ron Rovansek, Lori Markoff, Tim Barnard)
invasive hummer plants (Ron Rovansek)
mail-order plant ratings (Michael and Kathi Rock)
moving plants in summer (Ron Rovansek)
pruning (Ron Rovansek X 8, Bob Sargent)
root rot (Ron Rovansek, Bob Souvestre, Tom Koske)
saving seeds (Nancy Newfield)
starting cuttings (Ron Rovansek, Peggy Siegert)
starting hummer garden (Ron Rovansek X 2)
stem rot (Miriam Davey)
spring chores (Ron Rovansek)

Plant specfics

Abutilon (Ron Rovansek, Nancy Newfield, John MacGregor, Miriam Davey)
Aesculus pavia Red Buckeye (Bill Fontenot)
Agastache (Melissa Pappas)
bamboo as cover (Miriam Davey, John MacGregor)
bottlebrush (Ron Rovansek)
Calamintha coccinea (David Dortch, Miriam Davey, Peggy Siegert)
Camellias (Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey)
Campsis radicans, Trumpetcreeper (Tom Sylvest, Lanny Chambers, Olga Clifton, Ron Rovansek, Gail Frantz, Howard Williams, Nancy Newfield)
cannas (John MacGregor, Karen Taylor)
Clerodendrom speciosissimum (Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey)
Crocosmia (Dot Burge, Arlene Koch, Tim Barnard, Olga Clifton, Bob Sargent)
Cuphea (Nancy Newfield, Ron Rovansek)
Cuphea ignea (Miriam Davey, Nancy Newfield)
fuschias (Ron Rovasnek)
Fuschia magellanica (Jayne Amico)

Hesperaloe parviflora Red Yucca (Sheri Williamson, Howard Williams)
Ipomopsis rubra, Standing Cypress (Howard Williams, Tim Barnard, Ron Rovansek, Lori Markoff, Miriam Davey)
jewelweed (Ron Rovansek, Susan Orwig, Terry Davis, Lori Markoff)
Justicia aurea (Ron Rovansek)

Justicia fulvicoma (John MacGregor, Nancy Newfield)
Justicia spicigera (Howard Williams)

Kniphofia 'Christmas Cheer' (John MacGregor)
Leonotis (Ron Rovansek)

lillies (Ron Rovansek)
Lonicera fragrantissima, Winter Honeysuckle (Ron Rovansek)
Lonicera sempervirens, Coral Honeysuckle (Scott Knaus, Miriam Davey, Lanny Chambers)
Malvaviscus arboreus Sultan's Turban (Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey, Bill Fontenot, Brent Oretgo)
Manettia inflata (Van Remsen, Nancy Newfield, Miriam Davey)
Mina lobata (Paul Dickson, Haji Warf, Paul Adams, Ron Rovansek)

Monarda "Jacob Cline" (Doris Hope, Susan Orwig, Paul Dickson, Melissa Pappas)
Monarda didyma (Van Remsen, Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey)
naming cultivars (John MacGregor)

Odontonema strictum Firespike (Nancy Newfield, Paul Dickson, Van Remsen)
powder puffs (John MacGregor, Nancy Newfield)
red morning-glory (Ron Rovansek)
Russellia sarmentosa (Steve Backes)
Ruttya fruticosa (Doris Hope)
Salvias (general) (Nancy Newfield)
Salvia darcyi (Steven Wells, Nancy Newfield, Paul Dickson)
Salvia "Anthony Parker" (Gary Phillips)
Salvia chiapensis (Nancy Newfield)

Salvia "Chiquita Blue" (Nancy Newfield)
Salvia clevelandii (Ron Rovansek)

Salvia coccinea (Ron Rovansek)
Salvia gesnaeriflora (Ron Rovansek)
Salvia greggii (Nancy Tindle, Lita Pinter, Lori Markoff)
Salvia guaranitica (Ron Rovansek)
Salvia iodantha (Ron Rovansek)
Salvia karwinskii (Nancy Newfield, Van Remsen)
Salvia madrensis (Dennis Demcheck, Van Remsen)
Salvia penstemonoides (Howard Williams)
Salvia "Purple Majesty" (Doris Hope)
Salvia regla (Ron Rovansek, Nancy Newfield)
Salvia "Silke's Dream" (Donna Dittmann)
Salvia splendens 'Van Houttei' (Nancy Newfield)
Salvias that fail in Deep South (Van Remsen, Nancy Newfield)
Stachytarpheta spp. (Ron Rovansek, Nancy Newfield, Van Remsen)
Streptosolen jamesonii (John MacGregor)
Tecoma elata (Howard Williams)
Verbena bonariensis (John MacGregor, Miriam Davey, Haji Warf)

winter shrimp plant (Nancy Newfield, Ron Rovansek, Brent Ortego, Scott Knaus, John MacGregor)



ants (Linda Keefer, George Drummond, Lanny Chambers, Haji Warf, Marjorie Hastings, Olga Clifton, Nancy Newfield, Howard Williams, Cathie Hutcheson, Pat Foley)
bees (Sheri Williamson, Brent Ortego, Susan & John Beree)
caterpillars (Ron Rovansek, Miriam Davey)
cats (Pam Morgan)
Lanny's Official Cat Collar (Lanny Chambers)
leaf damage (Howard Williams)
mealy bugs (Miriam Davey)
termites (Ron Rovansek)



Black-chinned ID (Dennis Demcheck, Nancy Newfield, Van Remsen, Howard Williams)
Buff-bellied vocalizations (Gerry Green via Brent Ortego)
female gorget patterns (Sheri Williamson)
female nest marks (Lanny Chambers)
color preferences (Lanny Chambers, John MacGregor, Ron Rovansek, Sheri Williamson)
counting hummers at feeders (Sheri Williamson, Lanny Chambers, Stacy Peterson, Brent Ortego, Bob Sargent, Viceroy John Sylvest [Planet X's Ambassador to Earth], Dave Patton, Brent Ortego, Nancy Newfield)
dive patterns and ID (Mike Patterson, Bob Sargent, Sheri Williamson)
hummers attract hummers? (Rob Parsons, Ron Rovansek)
hummer weight changes (Dave Patton)
keeping track of individual hummingbirds (Dittmann & Cardiff article in LOS News)
general ID problems (Ron Rovansek, Van Remsen, Bob Sargent)
Archilochus-Calypte ID (Dittmann & Cardiff article in LOS News)
Selasphorus-Stellula ID (Dittmann & Cardiff article in LOS News)
Rufous vs. Allen's ID (Sheri Williamson, Nancy Newfield)
migration (Ron Rovansek, Nancy Newfield)
trans-Gulf migration (David Muth, Bob Sargent)
molt (Bob Sargent, Sheri Williamson)
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in winter (Bob Sargent, Nancy Newfield)
"saving" hummingbirds from the cold (Stacy Peterson, Bob Sargent, Rob Protz, Lanny Chambers, Troy Gordon, Bill Hilton, Arlene Koch, Miriam Davey, Donald Mitchell, Nancy Newfield, Allen Chartier)
sphinx moth vs. hummingbird ID (Lanny Chambers)
state status (Nancy Newfield et al.)
status on Central Texas Coast (Brent Ortego)
synopsis of hypotheses concerning origin of western winter hummers (Ron Rovansek)
traplining (Ron Rovansek, Van Remsen, Sheri Williamson)
trilling feathers (Sheri Williamson, Nancy Newfield, Lanny Chambers, Fernando Ortiz, Rob Protz)
why hummingbirds leave (Nancy Newfield)
why band hummingbirds? (Bill Hilton, Bob Sargent, Ron Rovansek)



cleaning (Ron Rovansek, Steve Bouricius, Lanny Chambers, Howard Williams, Steve Backes, Vic Duvic, Tom Sylvest, Carol Foil, Van Remsen, Lanny Chambers. Olga Clifton, Miriam Davey)
feeder height/position (Nancy Newfield)
feeder solutions (Sheri Williamson, Vic Duvic, Stacy Peterson, Lanny Chambers, Bob Sargent X 4, Miriam Davey, Dennis Demcheck, Chris Lotz, Stacy Peterson, Van Remsen, David Muth, John Sevenair, John MacGregor)
feeder solutions: Paul Ripley's primer on sucrose solutions.
feeder solutions: processed sugar (Ann McAllister, Lanny Chambers, Ann Adams, Bob Sargent)
feeder solution preparation (Nancy Newfield, Lanny Chambers, Terry Davis, Missy Hastings, Steve Locke)
kinds of feeders (Sheri Williamson, Stan Merrill, Bob Sargent, Don Richardson, Nancy Newfield, Ron Rovansek, Van Remsen, Rob Protz, Les Eastman, Howard Williams, Steve Bouricius [homemade], Scott Knaus, Brent Ortego)
leaving feeders up in fall (Lanny Chambers, Mark Klym)
prevent feeders from freezing (Lanny Chambers)



refractometers (Dennis Demcheck)


Not easily categorized (!)

fighting junk mail (Van Remsen, Jerry Simpson)
how to start a hummingbird web site (Lanny Chambers)
hypotheses (John Sylvest)
proper shooshing methodology (Van Remsen)
Super Bloom (Lanny Chambers)
swallow (!) vs. hummingbird ID (Sheri Williamson)
dog (!) vs. hummingbird ID (Stacy Peterson)
INS meets HUMNET (John Sylvest)
HUMNET songbook (John Sylvest, John Sylvest, John Sylvest ...... Steve Bouricius)
founding HUMNET (Van Remsen)



* thanks to Karen Taylor for sending in many of these old messages from HUMNET.





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