Proposal (3) to South American Checklist Committee


Change English name of Olivaceous Cormorant to Neotropic Cormorant


The Howard-Moore baseline list that I sent you still uses "Olivaceous Cormorant" for Phalacrocorax brasilianus. However, this name is no longer used by most references. It is "Neotropic Cormorant" in AOU Checklist (1998), Handbook of Birds of the World, Sibley and Monroe (1990), Blake (1977), and Meyer de Schauensee (1970), as well as almost all recent (at least since the change of the scientific name from olivaceus to brasilianus) regional/country guides in Neotropics.


I propose that we use "Neotropic Cormorant."


Van Remsen, 10/18/2000


December 2001: note: Howard-Moore draft has changed from Olivaceous to "Neotropical."