Proposal (108) to South American Classification Committee


Change English name of Leptotila megalura


Effect on South American CL: This proposal would change the English name of a species on our list from a "Meyer de Schauensee" name ("Large-tailed Dove") to a "Goodwin-HBW" name ("White-faced Dove").


Background: Meyer de Schauensee (1966, 1970) used the name "Large-tailed Dove" for Leptotila megalura, and this has been followed by essentially all literature, except for Goodwin (1983), who used "White-faced Dove." Baptista et al. (1997) also followed this. Gibbs et al. (2001) Mazar Barnett & Pearman (2001) invented yet another name, "Yungas Dove," which is probably the "best" of the three.


Analysis: Although "Large-tailed" is presumably useless in the field, it is accurate and has 30+ years of historical momentum. It is used in Olrog (1984), Narosky & Yzurieta (1987), Remsen & Traylor (1989), De la Peña & Rumboll (1998), and Hennessey et al. (2003).


Recommendation: I vote NO on this proposal. I see no point in using a new name. [If someone wants to do another proposal to change to "Yungas Dove," go ahead.]


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Van Remsen, March 2004




Comments from Stiles: "NO. Once again, if we start to get into the business of tinkering with English names, substituting every time a slightly better one comes along, we'll never finish. The old, accepted name isn´t inaccurate, so I see no reason to change it."


Comments from Nores: "NO, el nombre es apropiado y de alguna utilidad en el campo."


Comments from Jaramillo: "NO.  No reason to do this, particularly since White-faced Dove is not really a useful name either. Now if the choice had been Yungas Dove, I do think I would have jumped at that one. I do not feel strongly enough to write a proposal for this, and given my general concern with name stability, I think I would just be falling into the trap of trying to improve English names and get into the tinkering that Gary mentions."


Comments from Zimmer: "NO. For reasons outlined in my votes on #106 and #107."