Proposal (20) to South American Classification Committee



Change of English name for Podiceps taczanowskii




Called 'Puna Grebe' as first used by Meyer de Schauensee (1966) and most subsequent authors. 'Junin Flightless Grebe' was proposed by Fjeldså and Krabbe (1990) to emphasize its flightlessness.



Publications (6) by ICBP/BirdLife International now call it 'Junin Grebe' (see references).



The species is endemic to Lake Junín, so 'Junín Grebe' is a very good name as this is also the name used in Spanish: Zambullidor de Junín. As other species of grebes also live in the 'puna,' 'Junin Grebe' would be very specific. There is a precedent on the name change of a grebe due to its restricted range. In Guatemala Podilymbus gigas name was changed from Giant Pied-billed Grebe to Atitlán Grebe, because it was only known from Lake Atitlán.



I propose that the name be changed to Junín Grebe as it is very specific as to its present distribution.



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Manuel A. Plenge, June 2002





From Mark Robbins: "I vote "YES" for both of Manuel's proposals. Both proposed names are far more informative than their current English names."


From Tom Schulenberg: " YES.

 "I usually prefer to retain established names, but for this species, "Puna" is an odd (less appropriate) choice, and since "Junin" rapidly is becoming entrenched as "the" established name, I can go along with the substitution. "


From Gary Stiles: "I much prefer toponyms for geographically restricted birds, as it calls attention to their small ranges (On the other hand, I don’t go much for naming widespread birds from their type localities - but I suppose it’s 'way too late to do in Philadelphia Vireo or Tennessee Warbler..)."


From Alvaro Jaramillo: "YES, Junin Grebe is a good change. It may cause some confusion with P. occipitalis juninensis, but not enough to concern me. "