Proposal (438) to South American Classification Committee


Change linear sequence of species in Brotogeris


Effect on SACC: This proposal would move one species from the end to the beginning of the linear sequence to reflect recent phylogenetic data.


Background:  Brotogeris sanctithomae is at the end of traditional linear sequences of species in this genus, including SACC’s.  It has often been regarded as an oddball in the genus rather than part of the various proposed superspecies groups; see SACC Notes.


New information: Ribas et al. (2009) sequenced two mitochondrial genes (cyt b and ND2) and one nuclear intron (beta fibrinogen) to produce the first data on relationships within the genus.  Their findings were consistent with our classification, with one exception: they found that sanctithomae was strongly supported as a member of their Clade 1, which included tirica, versicolurus, and chiriri.  See their tree, pasted in below:




         To incorporate these finding into our sequence, we need to move sanctithomae, currently placed at the end of the sequence with the members of Clade 2, to the beginning, with Clade 1.  The relationships among sanctithomae, tirica, and chiriri + versicolurus cannot be resolved from the current data.  However, because tirica has frequently been associated with the other two on the basis of plumage and morphology, I suggest maintaining that hypothesis by placing sanctithomae first, thus also minimizing disturbing the current sequence.


Recommendation:  This minor change involves moving only one species in the linear sequence and is thus very minor.  The data for the move are solid, so I recommend a YES on this one.



Literature Cited

RIBAS, C. C., C. Y. MIYAKI, AND J. CRACRAFT. 2009. Phylogenetic relationships, diversification and biogeography in Neotropical Brotogeris parakeets. J. Biogeography 36: 1712-1729.



Van Remsen, May 2010