Change the spelling of Claravis godefrida to Claravis geoffroyi


Proposal (477) to South American Classification Committee




Effect on South American CL: this proposal would change the spelling of the Purple-winged Ground Dove from Claravis godefrida to Claravis geoffroyi.


Background: Current note reads


16a. The correct name for Claravis godefrida is Claravis geoffroyi (David et al. 2010).  SACC proposal badly needed.


The Critically Endangered Purple-winged Ground Dove was described by Temminck in Knip & Temminck (1811). Temminck used two different spellings (Columba godefrida and Columba geoffroyi) in different portions of the original description and a subsequent invalid spelling (Temminck 1813) as follows (slightly modified from David et al. 2010: 11):


An interesting history of the usage of the names and synonyms can be found in Hellmayr & Conover (1942).


New information: A recent contribution by David et al. (2010: 11) clarifies the situation:


“The case of the spellings godefrida in the text and geoffroyi on the plate in parts 14/15 cannot be resolved under Article 24.2.4 of the Code, although Temminck used godefrida in the Table; this is because, in this case, the Table appeared in the same part. When Temminck (1813: 297, 476) used geoffroii, he introduced an incorrect subsequent spelling because this was not one of the original spellings. Bonaparte (1857: 75, listed both godefrida and geoffroyi, and used geoffroyi, and is thus the First Reviser under Article 24.2.3 of the Code. In Dickinson (2003: 107), the name Claravis godefrida (Temminck, 1811) should thus be corrected to Claravis geoffroyi.”


Recommendation: a YES vote seems the only possible vote in this case. Moreover, although Temminck (1813) unfortunately erred in using the name geoffroii instead of geoffroyi, the 1813 work clearly denotes that he would have opted for geoffroyi over godefrida.


Literature cited


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Nacho Areta, January 2011




Comments from Pérez:  YES, I think the analysis done by David et al. (2010) supports the use of geoffroyi over godefrida.”


Comments from Stiles:  “YES. I agree with Jorge that David’s analysis leaves no alternative.”


Comments from Pacheco:  “YES.  Os autores apresentaram as razões técnicas para o uso de geoffroyi como nome válido para Purple-winged Ground-Dove. Claravis geoffroyi foi majoritariamente utilizado na literatura ornitológica brasileira até os anos 1950s.”