Proposal (708) to South American Classification Committee



Add Zenaida asiatica (White-winged Dove) to main SACC list


Efecto en la lista de Sur América: Se adiciona una especie a la lista principal.


Información recientemente publicada de un individuo de Z. asiatica registrado y fotografiado en 2009 en la ciudad de Santa Marta, Colombia, confirma la presencia de esta especie en Sur América continental (Strewe et al. 2015)


Hasta el momento la especie es considerada en la lista hipotética del SACC.


Literatura citada:


Strewe, R., Villa-De León, C., Navarro, C., Alzate, J. & G. Utria. 2016. Primer registro documentado de la Torcaza aliblanca (Zenaida asiatica) en América del Sur. Ornitología Colombiana, 15:90-93.



Carlos J. Villa-De León




Comments from Remsen: “YES. Published, diagnostic photo.”


Comments from Stiles: “YES. The photographic evidence, published in Ornitología Colombiana, is conclusive.”


Comments from Claramunt: “YES. The red iris, described by the authors and (barely) seen in figure 2 is sufficient to distinguish this bird from Z. meloda, another possibility not mentioned in the article.”


Comments from Areta: “YES. The bird photographed shows features allowing distinction from the similar Z. meloda.”


Comments from Pacheco: “YES.  Should be considered accidental rather than hypothetical on the South American list. Small corrections: the year of publication is 2016, and the page range is 90-93.”


Comments from Jaramillo: “YES. I was going to vote NO because I was struggling to find anything that would convince me that this was not Z. meloda. The latter is expanding rapidly at least to the south and east. The published photos actually show a lot of blue around the eye, and a wine or warm color on the breast that suggests meloda. But Santiago nailed it, and I had not thought about the eye color as a good difference, but of course it is. An orange or reddish eye is asiatica, brownish red meloda. The photo shows a distinctly reddish eye. The color of the tail tips does not seem to be a good separation, although meloda is supposed to be grayish rather than white. In the field, many look pretty white tipped. I am surprised that this article was published in this manner, given that they do not separate the species from the most obvious similar bird – meloda!!”


Comments from Robbins: “YES, to adding White-winged Dove (Zenaida asiatica) to the SACC list based on the diagnostic, published photograph.”