Proposal (711) to South American Classification Committee


Add Pterodroma nigripennis (Black-winged Petrel) to the main list



         One Pterodroma nigripennis was photographed on 17 Apr. 2014, 177 miles N of the Desventurada Islands (San Felix and San Ambrosio), Chile, by Stephen Copsey (Barros & Schmitt 2015).  One photo of this individual can be seen in the website below.  Two photos were published in Barros & Schmitt 2015.  The bird clearly shows the Cook’s Petrel like upper side, and bold black ulnar bar on the underwing as well as the shape of a “Cookilaria” rather than lankier Pterodroma.




Barros, R. & Schmitt, F. 2015. Aves Raras en Chile, Enero 2004 – Diciembre 2014. La Chiricoca 20: 2-56



Rodrigo Barros and Alvaro Jaramillo, March 2016




Comments from Remsen: “YES.  Published, diagnostic photos of this relatively distinctive Pterodroma.”


Comments from Stiles: “YES. Again, the published photos are diagnostic and justify adding this species to the S.A. list.”


Comments from Pacheco: “YES. An unchallengeable photograph!”


Comments from Robbins: “YES, nice diagnostic photos of this Pterodroma.”