Proposal (712) to South American Classification Committee


Add Pterodroma leucoptera (Gould’s Petrel) to the main list



One Pterodroma leucoptera was photographed in September 2004 adjacent to Isla Robinson Crusoe, Juan Fernandez Archipelago, by Enrique Couve.  The photos were published in Barros & Schmitt (2015). The photos (see below) show a longer-winged Pterodroma with extensive blackish face sides, similar to Galapagos Petrel.  However, the underwings show a bold dark underwing pattern, more extensive than in Galapagos Petrel, and no dark spot on axillaries as is expected on Galapagos Petrel.





Barros, R. & Schmitt, F.  2015.  Aves Raras en Chile, Enero 2004 – Diciembre 2014.  La Chiricoca 20: 2-56



Rodrigo Barros and Alvaro Jaramillo, March 2016




Comments from Stiles “YES. Of the three Pterodroma proposals, this one seems to me the most difficult regarding identification. However, I am no expert on this group whereas Alvaro is, so I will defer to his judgment and vote YES. Such long-distant vagrants are certainly not unprecedented in this genus (and perhaps the El Niño conditions might be involved??).”


Comments from Pacheco: “YES ... endorsing Alvaro's expertise on birds of this genus.”


Comments from Steve Howell (solicited by Jaramillo): “Technically it might be difficult to rule of Collared Petrel from these images, but I think Gould's is safe.”


Comments from Peter Harrison (solicited by Jaramillo): “The two images are indeed of Gould’s Petrel, a very good record for JFI. Looking at the shape of the hood and underwing pattern I would suggest that it is the subspecies caledonica”.


Comments from Remsen: “YES, based on experts’ opinions.”


Comments from Robbins: “YES, nice diagnostic photos of this Pterodroma.”