Proposal (746) to South American Classification Committee


Remove Arremon crassirostris from Hypothetical List to Main List



Effect on South American CL: This transfers a species from our Hypothetical List to the Main List.


Background: The Hypothetical List currently reads as follows:


Sight reports from Colombian side of Cerro Tacarcuna (see Ridgely & Tudor 1989; no specimens collected, fide Daniel Cadena).


New information: Renjifo et al. (2017) presented photos of two A. crassirostris specimens collected in 1980 at the east foothills of Cerro Tacarcuna in Colombia. Both specimens are currently deposited at Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Villa de Leyva (IAvH-A 3164, 3174). They also reported a third specimen collected on 2008 at río Tanelita, east slope of Cerro Tacarcuna, which is deposited at Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Bogotá (ICN 37368). All specimens exhibit the conspicuous white malar stripe and yellow patch on the central underparts typical of the species.


The article is open access and available here:


Recommendation: I recommend a yes vote to include the species on the Main List and remove it from the Hypothetical List.


Literature Cited:

Renjifo, L. M., A. Repizo, J. M. Ruiz-Ovalle, S. Ocampo & J. E. Avendaño. 2017. New bird distributional data from Cerro Tacarcuna, with implications for conservation in the Darién highlands of Colombia. Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl. 137: 46-66.


Jorge Enrique Avendaño, March 2017






Comments from Remsen: “YES.  The specimens require moving this species to to Main List.”


Comments from Zimmer: “YES, as confirmed by specimens.


Comments from Stiles: "YES.  Specimen data are conclusive.  In fact, there is a second specimen collected by Walschburger & Ruiz on an earlier expedition to Tacarcuna, now in the collection of the ICN."


Comments from Pacheco: "YES. In this case, transfer to the main list is mandatory."


Comments from Robbins: " YES.  The photos of the specimens in the Renjifo et al. (2017) confirm this species is in Colombia."