Proposal (81) to South American Classification Committee


Recognize Henicorhina negreti as a valid species


Effect on South American CL: This proposal would add a newly described species to our list.


Background: See:

for a copy of the original description and analysis, to which I have nothing to add.


Recommendation: Using vocal, morphological, and distributional information, the Salaman et al. paper solidly documents why this newly discovered taxon should be treated as a species, and I see no reason to not consider negreti as a valid species.



P. COOPMANS, T. M. DONEGAN, M. MULLIGAN, A. CORTES, S. L. HILTY, AND L. F. ORTEGA. 2003. A new species of wood-wren (Troglodytidae: Henicorhina) from the Western Andes of Colombia. Ornitología Colombiana 1: 4-21.


Van Remsen, January 2004




Comments from Stiles: "Having seen (and prepared) the specimens, I have no doubts as to the validity of this one, so YES."


Comments from Nores: "YES. Acepto reconocer a Henicorhina negreti como una nueva especie. Las características morfológicas, de hábitat y sobre todo de vocalizaciones aportadas por los autores son muy convincentes."


Comments from Robbins: "YES" for recognizing Henicorhina negreti as a valid species. The publication on this was quite convincing."


Comments from Zimmer: "YES. Evidence supporting recognition of this form as a distinct species appears overwhelming."