Proposal (839) to South American Classification Committee



Add Eurasian Curlew (Numenius arquata) to Main List



Effect on South American CL: This proposal would transfer Numenius arquata (Eurasian Curlew) from the Hypothetical list to the Main list.


New Information: On 27 January 2010 J. Sterling, C. Ogan, and I found and photographed a Eurasian Curlew on the western shore of Punta Rasa, near the town of San Clemente del Tuyú, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. We were able to relocate the bird the next day and obtained more photographs.  Identification is straightforward.  Further details and discussion of the identification has been published (Vander Pluym and Sterling 2019), and a screen shot of three of the figures are included here:


Screenshot (1).jpg


Recommendation: Transfer Eurasian Curlew from the Hypothetical list to the Main list on the basis of the published photographed record from Argentina in 2010.

Literature Cited:

Vander Pluym, D. and Sterling, J.  2019.  Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata in Argentina: first record for South America.  Cotinga 41: 41-43.


David Vander Pluym, August 2019




Comments from Remsen: “YES.  Published photos; ID vetted by experts.”


Comments from Jaramillo: “YES.  The ID is straightforward given the quality of observation and photos they got of this curlew.”


Comments from Zimmer: YES.  Published photos rule out all curlew species except N. arquata, N. americana, and N. madagascariensis on bill length (too long) and structure (evenly decurved) alone.  The predominantly white, unmarked, underwing-linings and white lower back fit the identification of arquata perfectly, and exclude both americana (cinnamon underwing-linings; no white back/rump) and madagascariensis (extensively barred underwing-linings; no white back/rump).”


Comments from Areta: “YES, as discussed in the note and further emphasized by Kevin, Numenius arquata should be added to the main SACC and Argentina lists as a vagrant.”


Comments from Stotz: “YES  Clearly identifiable, published photos.”


Comments from Pacheco: “YES. There is no reasonable doubt not to endorse this.”


Comments from Pearman: “YES. All evidence and comments confirm the identification without question. The extra-long bill with only slight curvature, coupled with diagnostic clear barring on the lower rump/ uppertail-coverts strongly point towards subspecies orientalis.”


Copyright D. Monteleone & M. Pearman: N. arquata at Punta Rasa, 2 February 2010 when last seen:



Comments from Stiles: “YES. the identification of N. arquata looks solid, justifying adding it to the SA list as a vagrant.”