Proposal (877) to South American Classification Committee


Recognize the genus Elliotomyia for chionogaster and viridicauda


With passage of SACC Proposal 781.14, a separate genus is needed for the species chionogaster and viridicauda. Stiles et al. (2017) proposed to put them in the genus Elliotia. However, because the name Elliotia is preoccupied by a group of Ceylonese beetles, Stiles & Remsen (2019) described the genus Elliotomyia to include them.


Because the proposal to place them in a separate genus has already passed, this proposal would only demand the acceptance of the description of Elliotomyia to include E. chionogaster and E. viridicauda.


We recommend a YES vote, as the description fulfills all the formal requirements to make this name available and there is no previously available genus group name for them.



Stiles, F. G., J. V. Remsen, Jr., & J. A. McGuire. 2017.  The generic classification of the Trochilini (Aves: Trochilidae): reconciling classification with phylogeny.  Zootaxa 4353: 401-424.

Stiles, F. G., & J. V. Remsen, Jr. 2019. The generic nomenclature of the Trochilini: a correction. Zootaxa 4691: 195–196.


Juan I. Areta and Mark Pearman, August 2020





Comments from Remsen: “Vitor has my vote on this one, but note that the lesson we learned the hard way is that Google and Google Scholar don’t (didn’t) capture a name] of a genus of Ceylonese beetle that had not been used since its description in 1856.”


Comments from Stiles: “YES, for the reasons stated.”


Comments from Zimmer: “YES for reasons stated in the Proposal.”


Comments from Pacheco: YES. With the necessary description of a new genus, rearrangement is allowed in nomenclatural terms.”