South American Classification Committee



updated 26 November 2023



Note: those who have authored a proposal may or may not have recommended a vote in favor of the proposal. Many proposals are brought before the Committee just to get an endorsement of status quo on controversial item.


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A. Proposals that have PASSED:


1. Elevate Rhynchotus maculicollis to species rank (Remsen). PASSED

2. Change English name of Oceanodroma tethys from “Galapagos Storm-Petrel” to “Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel” (Remsen). PASSED

3. Change English name of Phalacrocorax brasilianus from “Olivaceous Cormorant” to “Neotropic Cormorant” (Remsen). PASSED

4. Change Forpus crassirostris to Forpus xanthopterygius (Schulenberg). PASSED

5. Use AOU 1998 classification for Ciconiiformes (Remsen). PASSED

6. Use AOU 1998 classification of Falconidae (Remsen). PASSED

8. Change linear sequence of orders to place Galliformes and Anseriformes after Tinamiformes: Galloanserae. (Remsen). PASSED

9. Continue to recognize Otus roboratus etc. (Robbins). PASSED

10. Continue to treat usta as subspecies of Otus watsonii. (Robbins). PASSED

12. Continue to recognize broad Otus guatemalae. (Robbins). PASSED

13. Continue to recognize Strix chacoensis. (Robbins). PASSED

16. Elevate the taxon Myrmeciza hemimelaena castanea Zimmer, 1932, to species rank, following Isler et al. (2002). (Remsen). PASSED

17. Change the name of Xiphorhynchus necopinus to Xiphorhynchus kienerii, following Aleixo & Whitney (2002). (Remsen). PASSED

18. Remove taxon oseryi from genus Psarocolius; transfer (A) to the genus Ocyalus, or (b) restore monotypic genus Clypicterus for oseryi. (Remsen). PASSED

19. Split Phacellodomus maculipectus from P. striaticollis. (Remsen). PASSED

20. Change English name of Podiceps taczanowskii from “Puna Grebe” to Junin Grebe. (Manuel Plenge). PASSED

21. Change English name of Rollandia microptera to Titicaca Grebe. (Manuel Plenge). PASSED

22. Add Eudyptula minor to main list of South American birds (as vagrant). (Jaramillo). PASSED

23. Change English name of Eudyptula minor from "Little Blue Penguin" to "Little Penguin." (Jaramillo). PASSED

24. Add Piranga ludoviciana (Western Tanager) to main list based on photos from Netherlands Antilles. (Jaramillo). PASSED

25. Move Cape Gannet (Morus capensis) from Hypothetical List to Main List based on published photo from Peru. (Remsen). PASSED

26. Elevate Automolus infuscatus paraensis to species rank (Remsen). PASSED

29. Place Euphoniinae in Fringillidae (Remsen). PASSED

30. Change English name of Poecilotriccus luluae from "Lulu's Tody-Tyrant" to "Johnson's Tody-Tyrant" (Remsen). PASSED

31. Recognize Micrastur mintoni Whittaker, 2002 (Remsen). PASSED

32. Recognize Glaucidium mooreorum Silva et al., 2002 (Robbins). PASSED

45. Recognize Myrmotherula ignota but include in it M. obscura (Stotz). PASSED

47. Place New World "Columba" pigeons in genus Patagioenas (Richard C. Banks). PASSED

53. Change English name of Myrmeciza castanea to "Zimmer's Antbird" (Schulenberg). PASSED

54. Split Chlorostilbon mellisugus into three species (Stiles). PASSED

55. Recognize genus Chlorestes (Stiles). PASSED

56. Continue to recognize broad genus Amazilia (Stiles). PASSED

58. Place South American Otus in Megascops (Carla Cicero). PASSED

59. Elevate Celeus spectabilis obrieni to species rank (Zimmer). PASSED

60. Change English name of Larus belcheri from “Band-tailed Gull” to "Belcher's Gull" (S. N. G. Howell; Manuel Plenge). PASSED

64. Recognize Myioborus castaneocapillus as a species separate from M. brunniceps (Remsen). PASSED

65. Change English name of Myioborus pariae from "Yellow-faced Redstart" to "Paria Redstart" (Remsen). PASSED

71. Change English name of Cyanoloxia glaucocaerulea from "Indigo Grosbeak" to "Glaucous-blue Grosbeak" (Remsen). PASSED

74. Recognize Amaurospiza carrizalensis Lentino & Restall, 2003 (Remsen). PASSED

75. Treat Pterodroma sandwichensis as a separate species from P. phaeopygia (Richard C. Banks). PASSED

76. Change SACC offshore limit to 200 nautical miles (Jaramillo). PASSED

77. Re-split Threnetes niger from T. leucurus (Stotz). PASSED

78. Retain genus Xanthopsar (Rosendo M. Fraga). PASSED

81. Add newly described Henicorhina negreti (Remsen). PASSED

83. Split Arremon semitorquatus from A. taciturnus (Remsen). PASSED

85. Change English name of Atlapetes canigenis from “Sooty Brush-Finch” to "Cuzco Brush-Finch" (Remsen). PASSED

88. Split Hylocharis humboldtii from H. grayi (Stiles). PASSED

90. Split Phaeochroa from Campylopterus (Stiles). PASSED

92. English name of Amaurospiza carrizalensis (Remsen). PASSED

94. Change English name of Herpsilochmus pileatus from “Pileated Antwren” to "Bahia Antwren" (Mort Isler). PASSED

95. Split Avocettula from Anthracothorax. (Stiles). PASSED

97. Change English name of Amazilia edward to "Snowy-breasted Hummingbird" (Rich Hoyer). PASSED

98. Delete the family Coerebidae (Remsen). PASSED

109. Change English name of Columba livia from “Rock Dove” to "Rock Pigeon" (Ian Paulsen). PASSED

113. Add Oncostoma cinereigulare to main list. (Stiles). PASSED

114. Change linear sequence of genera in Ramphastidae (Remsen). PASSED

115. Change linear sequence of species in Ramphastos (Remsen and Jason Weckstein). PASSED

116. Change linear sequence of genera in Columbidae (Remsen and Kevin Johnson). PASSED

117. Lump Momotus aequatorialis into M. momota (Remsen). PASSED

118. Remove Donacobius from Troglodytidae (Remsen and Keith Barker). PASSED

119. Change linear sequence of genera in Troglodytidae (Remsen and Keith Barker). PASSED

120. Elevate Procellaria conspicillata to species rank (Jaramillo). PASSED

121. Elevate Piculus litae to species rank. (Remsen). PASSED

122. Elevate Veniliornis chocoensis to species rank (Remsen). PASSED

123. Elevate Melanerpes pulcher to species rank (Remsen). PASSED

124. Elevate Notharchus swainsoni to species rank (Zimmer). PASSED

125. Elevate Notharchus hyperrhynchus to species rank (Zimmer). PASSED

126. Move Coereba flaveola and relatives to Incertae Sedis (Remsen). PASSED

127. Elevate Thryothorus mystacalis to species rank (Remsen). PASSED

129. Change English name of Cistothorus meridae from “Paramo Wren” to "Merida Wren" (Remsen). PASSED

132. Merge Dendrocolaptidae and Furnariidae (Remsen). PASSED

133. Remove "Schiffornis group" from Cotingidae (Remsen). PASSED

134. Reinstate monotypic family Oxyruncidae (Remsen). PASSED

135. Recognize genus Agelasticus for three species currently in Chrysomus (xanthophthalmus, cyanopus, and thilius) (Schulenberg). PASSED

141. Recognize Urosticte ruficrissa as a separate species from U. benjamini (Stiles). PASSED

144. Recognize Aglaiocercus berlepschi as a separate species from A. kingi (Stiles). PASSED

145. Change English name of Atlapetes flaviceps from “Olive-headed Brush-Finch” to "Yellow-headed Brush-Finch" (Peter Kaestner). PASSED

148. Change linear sequence of families in Charadriiformes (Remsen). PASSED

149. Recognize Pionopsitta aurantiocephala as a valid new species (Zimmer). PASSED

150. Recognize Thamnophilus divisorius as a valid new species (Zimmer). PASSED

151. Merge Baillonius into Pteroglossus (Remsen). PASSED

155. Split Shy Albatross Thalassarche cauta into two or three species (Jaramillo). PASSED

156. Change English name of Skutchia borbae from "Pale-faced Bare-eye" to “Pale-faced Antbird” (Zimmer). PASSED

157. Change English name of Notharchus macrorhynchos to "Guianan Puffbird" (Zimmer). PASSED

158. Change English name of Notharchus hyperrhynchus to "White-necked Puffbird" (Zimmer). PASSED

160. Split Galapagos Shearwater (Puffinus subalaris) from Audubon's Shearwater (P. lherminieri) (Jaramillo). PASSED

165. Move Cichlopsis in linear sequence of Turdidae (Remsen/John Klicka). PASSED

167. Recognize subfamilies Oceanitinae and Hydrobatinae within Hydrobatidae (John Penhallurick). PASSED

168. Lump Amazilia cupreicauda with A. viridigaster (Stiles). PASSED

169. Recognize Caprimulgus heterurus as a separate species from C. parvulus (John Penhallurick). PASSED (11 Oct. 06)

172. Change linear sequence of species in Geositta (Remsen). PASSED

175. Change genera and linear sequence within the terns (Sterninae) (Jaramillo). PASSED

177. Reassign Propyrrhura to Primolius (John Penhallurick). PASSED

179. Suborders in Charadriiformes (Remsen). PASSED

181. Split Pyrrhura griseipectus and P. pfrimeri from P. leucotis (Pacheco). PASSED (16 Dec. 05)

182. Add Streptopelia risoria (Ringed Turtle-Dove) to hypothetical list. * PASSED (1 Feb. 06)

183. Change linear sequence of penguins (Spheniscidae) (Jaramillo). PASSED (16 Dec. 05)

185. Recognize Coeligena orina as a species distinct from C. bonapartei (Stiles). PASSED (16 Dec. 05)

187. Change English name of Neopipo cinnamomea from “Cinnamon Tyrant- Manakin” to “Cinnamon Manakin-Tyrant”. PASSED (16 Dec. 05)

188. Treat Amazilia rondoniae as a subspecies of A. versicolor (Stiles). PASSED (25 May 06)

193. Recognize Scytalopus stilesi as a valid species (Daniel Zimberlin). PASSED (17 March 06)

195. Recognize Scytalopus rodriguezi as a valid species (Daniel Zimberlin). PASSED (25 May 06)

196. Recognize Scytalopus pachecoi as a valid species (Maurício Giovanni, Daniel Zimberlin). PASSED (1 June 06)

197. Recognize Aratinga pintoi as a valid species (Daniel Zimberlin). PASSED (5 September 08)

198. Transfer Philydor dimidiatum to the genus Syndactyla (Robbins & Zimmer). PASSED (31 July 06)

199. Remove hyphen in the English name "Violet-ear”. * PASSED (31 July 06)

201. Resurrect genus Helicolestes for Rostrhamus hamatus (Joe Tobias). PASSED (1 June 06)

203. Recognize Polioptila clementsi (Daniel Zimberlin). PASSED (31 July 06)

205. Change English names of Phaethornis longirostris and P. superciliosus to "Long-billed Hermit" and "Long-tailed Hermit" respectively (Stiles). PASSED (1 June 06)

207. Add Falco tinnunculus to Main List (Pacheco). PASSED (7 June 06)

208. Add Gallinula angulata to Main List (Pacheco). PASSED (16 July 06)

212. Split Gypopsitta from Pionopsitta (Remsen). PASSED (31 July 06)

213. Change linear sequence in Gypopsitta (Remsen). PASSED (31 July 06)

216. Remove hyphen from English name "Bamboo-wren" (Psilorhamphus)*. PASSED (31 July 06)

217. Remove hyphen from English name "Crescent-chest" (Melanopareia)*. PASSED (31 July 06)

220. Merge Nesomimus into Mimus (Remsen). PASSED (24 Sep 07)

221. Change linear sequence in South American Mimus (Remsen). PASSED (22 Aug 06)

223. Change name of Bahia Spinetail from Synallaxis cinereus to S. whitneyi (Remsen). PASSED (15 Dec 06)

225. Change to lower case "s" in English name "Painted-Snipe" (Nycticryphes)*. PASSED (18 Dec 06)

227. Merge Catoptrophorus and Heteroscelus into Tringa (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (27 Dec 06)

228. Merge Asturina into Buteo (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (12 Oct 06)

229. Split Coccycua from Coccyzus (Remsen). PASSED (24 Sep 07)

230. Change linear sequence of genera in Trogonidae (Remsen). PASSED (31 Jan 07)

232. Reassign Chordeiles vielliardi to genus Nyctiprogne (Zimmer). PASSED (15 Dec 06)

233. Include Oroaetus and Spizastur in Spizaetus (Robbins). PASSED (27 Dec 06)

234. Transfer "Amazona" xanthops to the monotypic genus Salvatoria (E. S. Tavares). PASSED (27 Dec 06)

235. Change classification of the Formicariidae (Cadena). PASSED (31 Jan 07)

236. Change linear sequence of Henicorhina species. * PASSED (27 Dec 06)

237. Change linear sequence of forest Tinamidae genera. * PASSED (27 Dec 06)

238. Change linear sequence of Nothocercus species. * PASSED (27 Dec 06)

239. Remove Melanopareia from the Rhinocryptidae and create family Melanopareiidae (Cadena). PASSED (31 Jan 07)

240. Recognize Schistocichla saturata as a species separate from S. leucostigma (Robbins). PASSED (27 Dec 06)

241. Remove Cathartidae from Ciconiiformes (Remsen). PASSED (18 Dec 06)

242. Change English names of three species of mockingbirds in the Galapagos Islands (David Wiedenfeld). PASSED (29 Dec 06)

245. Eliminate Sporophila insulata from the list of South American bird species (Stiles). PASSED (27 Dec 06)

246. Eliminate Kalinowski's Tinamou Nothoprocta kalinowskii from the list of South American bird species (Schulenberg). PASSED (14 Feb 07)

247. Merge Platycichla into Turdus (Cadena). PASSED (29 Dec 06)

249. Change the English name of Celeus obrieni to from “Caatinga Woodpecker” to “Kaempfer's Woodpecker” (Pacheco et al.). PASSED (29 Dec 06)

250. Revise genera and linear sequence within the gulls (Larinae) (Jaramillo). PASSED (26 Sep 07)

251. Split Conopias parvus from C. albovittatus (Zimmer). PASSED (5 Mar 07)

252. Change the English name of Caprimulgus heterurus from “Santa Marta Nightjar” to “Todd's Nightjar” (Nigel Cleere). PASSED (18 July 07)

254. Reassign Salvatoria to Alipiopsitta (Jose Fernando Pacheco). PASSED (25 May 07)

255. Split Thalassarche cauta into three species (Jaramillo). PASSED (28 Feb 08)

257. Change the English name of Melanodera melanodera from “Black-throated Finch” to “Canary-winged Finch” (Jaramillo). PASSED (21 May 07)

260. Change English names of Turdus nudigenis, T. assimilis. T. grayi, and T. albicollis to "Thrush". PASSED (18 July 07)

262. Transfer Picoides mixtus and P. lignarius to Veniliornis. PASSED (25 May 07)

263. Transfer Veniliornis fumigatus to Picoides. PASSED (22 June 07)

265. Transfer Piculus rubiginosus and P. rivolii from Piculus to Colaptes (Dan Lane). PASSED (22 June 07)

266. Macropsalis forcipata has priority over Macropsalis creagra (Edward C. Dickinson). PASSED (8 July 07)

267. Change linear sequence of genera in the Trochilidae (Stiles). PASSED (8 July 07)

269. Change spelling of "Cloudforest" to "Cloud-forest" Screech-Owl (Megascops marshalli) *. PASSED (8 July 07)

271. Split Pelecanus thagus from P. occidentalis (Jaramillo). PASSED (22 June 07)

272. Subfamilies and linear sequence in the Furnariidae (Remsen). PASSED (8 July 07)

273. Recognize Leptodon forbesi (Pacheco). PASSED (5 July 07)

274. Recognize sister relationship between Podicipediformes and Phoenicopteriformes (Remsen). PASSED (29 Aug 07)

275. Recognize the genus Epinecrophylla (Remsen). PASSED (18 July 07)

276. Transfer Paroaria to Thraupidae (Remsen). PASSED (4 Sep 07)

278. Transfer some Sakesphorus species into Thamnophilus (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (29 Aug 07)

279. Change spelling of Phylloscartes paulistus to Phylloscartes paulista (Normand David). PASSED (18 July 07)

280. Use of Agriornis albicauda for Agriornis andicola (Normand David). PASSED (18 July 07)

281. Classification within Falconidae (Remsen). PASSED (4 Sep 07)

285 B. Change linear order of Cracidae genera*. PASSED (4 Sep 07)

286. Revive the genus Dichropogon (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (4 Sep 07)

287. Recognize four species of Sporophila within the Sporophila americana superspecies (Stiles). PASSED (24 Sep 07)

288. Split Icterus icterus into three species (Rosendo Fraga). PASSED (18 July 07)

289. Lump the genera Arremon, Buarremon, and Lysurus in an expanded genus Arremon (Cadena). PASSED (1 October 07)

290. Recognize the Cariamidae in their own Order, Cariamiformes (Remsen). PASSED (1 October 07)

291. Change linear sequence in Tangara (Remsen & Kevin Burns). PASSED (29 October 07)

292. Change linear sequence of species in Veniliornis*. PASSED (30 October 07)

293. Recognize Donacobius in its own family, Donacobiidae (Alex Aleixo & Pacheco). PASSED (6 September 08)

294. Treat Buteogallus subtilis as a subspecies of B. anthracinus (Stiles). PASSED (29 October 07)

295. Change English name of T. nudigenis to something besides "Bare-eyed"*. PASSED (30 October 07)

295x. Change English name of Turdus nudigenis from "Bare-eyed Thrush" to "Spectacled Thrush" (Thomas Donegan and Remsen). PASSED (6 August 08)

296. Change the English name of Melanodera melanodera from "Canary-winged Finch" to "White-bridled Finch" (Mark Pearman, Santiago Imberti, Juan Mazar Barnett, Alan Henry). PASSED (28 Feb 08)

297. Recognize Cnipodectes superrufus as a valid species (Daniel Lebbin). PASSED (24 October 07)

298. Change English name of Cnipodectes to Twistwing (II)*. PASSED (1 October 07)

299. Split Hypocnemis cantator by elevating H. flavescens, peruviana, subflava, ochrogyna and striata to species rank (Daniel Lebbin). PASSED (30 October 07)

300. Change the linear sequence of thamnophilid genera: move Hypocnemis adjacent to Drymophila (Daniel Lebbin). PASSED (29 October 07)

301. Elevate subspecies humaythae, brunneiceps, and rufifacies (within Schistocichla leucostigma) to species rank (Daniel Lebbin). PASSED (30 October 07)

302. Recognize Eriocnemis isabellae as a species (Stiles). PASSED (24 October 07)

303. Change English name of Thalurania colombica (sensu stricto) from “Purple-crowned Woodnymph” to "Violet-crowned Woodnymph" (Stiles). PASSED (30 October 07)

305. Change linear sequence of species in Thamnophilus (Remsen). PASSED (28 November 07)

306. Redefine species limits in Pyrrhura picta and leucotis complexes (Stotz). PASSED (4 September 08)

308. Add Ardea purpurea (Purple Heron) to main list (Floyd Hayes). PASSED (8 January 08)

309. Add Platalea leucorodia (Eurasian Spoonbill) to main list (Floyd Hayes). PASSED (8 January 08)

310. Add Tringa glareola (Wood Sandpiper) to main list (Floyd Hayes). PASSED (8 January 08)

311. Add Chroicocephalus (formerly Larus) ridibundus (Common Black-headed Gull) to main list (Floyd Hayes). PASSED (30 January 08)

313. Adopt the Family Tityridae (Prum). PASSED (28 November 07)

314. Rearrange Neotropical swallow genera (Stiles). PASSED (31 March 08)

315. Change English name of Chroicocephalus (formerly Larus) ridibundus*. PASSED (24 March 08)

316. Recognize the genus Dendroplex Swainson 1827 (Dendrocolaptidae) as valid (Alex Aleixo). PASSED (6 May 08)

317. Merge Buteo poecilochrous into B. polyosoma (Craig Farquhar). PASSED (27 June 08)

318. Transfer Piranga, Habia, and Chlorothraupis to Cardinalidae (Remsen, in consultation with John Klicka and Kevin Burns). PASSED (24 March 08)

319. Transfer Granatellus to Cardinalidae (Remsen, in consultation with John Klicka and Kevin Burns). PASSED (31 March 08)

320. Transfer Amaurospiza to Cardinalidae (Remsen, in consultation with John Klicka and Kevin Burns). PASSED (31 March 08)

321. Remove Parkerthraustes and Saltator from Cardinalidae (Remsen, in consultation with John Klicka and Kevin Burns). PASSED (31 March 08)

322. Remove Saltatricula from Emberizidae (Remsen, in consultation with John Klicka and Kevin Burns). PASSED (31 March 08)

323. Recognize the genus Tarphonomus for two "Upucerthia" (Remsen, in consultation with Terry Chesser and Robb Brumfield). PASSED (31 March 08)

324. Reinstate Ochetorhynchus and merge Chilia and Eremobius into it (Remsen, in consultation with Terry Chesser and Robb Brumfield). PASSED (31 March 08)

325. Recognize Formicivora grantsaui as a valid species (Zimmer). PASSED (31 March 08)

329. Recognize Scytalopus diamantinensis (Diamantina Tapaculo) as a valid species (Pacheco). PASSED (6 August 08)

330. Add Ardeola ralloides (Squacco Heron) to main list (Pacheco). PASSED (24 April 08)

331. Modify English name of "Guttulated Foliage-gleaner" (Syndactyla guttulata) (Remsen). PASSED (24 March 08)

333. Use of Pyrilia over Gypopsitta (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (1 May 08)

332. Recognize Atlapetes blancae as a species (Remsen). PASSED (8 May 08)

334. Modify English names of some Poecilotriccus flycatchers (Stotz). PASSED (24 April 08)

335. Change English name of Gallinula chloropus from "Common Moorhen" to "Common Gallinule" (Remsen). PASSED (1 May 08)

336. Move Sapayoa aenigma to Eurylaimidae (Terry Chesser). PASSED (24 April 08)

337. Change linear sequence of species in the genus Trogon (Remsen and Jeff DaCosta). PASSED (1 May 08)

338. Change linear sequence of species in the genus Turdus (Remsen, in consultation with Gary Voelker). PASSED (1 May 08)

340. Reassign Dichropogon to Willisornis (Carlos Eduardo Agne & Jose Fernando Pacheco). PASSED (29 May 08)

345. Treat Phoenicopterus roseus as separate species from P. ruber (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (5 June 08)

348. Merge Pterocnemia into Rhea (Nores). PASSED (7 August 08)

353. Move Anser anser (Graylag Goose) to main list. * PASSED (12 September 08)

355. Move Limnodromus scolopaceus to Main List (Juan Freile). PASSED (6 August 08)

356. Treat Anas andium as a separate species from Anas flavirostris (Remsen). PASSED (12 Sept. 08)

360. Add Crested Myna Acridotheres cristatellus from the Hypothetical List to the Main List (Pearman). PASSED (12 Sept. 08)

361. Place Cathartidae in their own order, Cathartiformes (Remsen). PASSED (29 Sept. 08)

362. Split Zimmerius gracilipes into two species (Stotz). PASSED (12 Sept. 08)

363. Split Zimmerius chrysops into two species (Stotz). PASSED (29 Sept. 08)

364. Recognize Phyllomyias weedeni (Sebastian Herzog). PASSED (12 Sept. 08)

365. Erect the new genus Eleoscytalopus for the "Scytalopus" indigoticus species group (Cadena). PASSED (12 Sept. 08)

366. Resurrect the genus Compsospiza (Nores). PASSED (16 Nov. 08)

367. Split Certhidea fusca from Certhidea olivacea (Jaramillo). PASSED (14 July 09)

368. Recognition of Tricolored Munia as the English common name for Lonchura malacca (Robin Restall). PASSED (8 Apr. 09)

369. Split Automolus lammi from Automolus leucophthalmus (Remsen). PASSED (23 Mar. 09)

371. Split Phacellodomus ferrugineigula from P. erythrophthalmus (Pacheco). PASSED (20 Mar. 09)

375. Transfer Automolus roraimae to Syndactyla (Remsen). PASSED (23 Mar. 09)

376. Eliminate Sporophila zelichi from the main list (Nacho Areta). PASSED (14 July 09)

378. Recognize Trogon caligatus as a separate species from Trogon violaceus (2) (Remsen). PASSED (8 Apr. 09)

379. Recognize Trogon chionurus as a separate species from Trogon viridis (2) (Remsen). PASSED (8 Apr. 09)

380. Recognize Trogon mesurus as a separate species from Trogon melanurus (2) (Remsen). PASSED (8 Apr. 09)

381. Change linear sequence of species in Pteroglossus (Remsen). PASSED (14 Apr. 09)

382. Change linear sequence of genera in the Cotingidae (Remsen, in consultation with J. Ohlson and R. Prum). PASSED (14 Apr. 09)

383. Separate Accipitriformes from Falconiformes (Remsen). PASSED (14 Apr. 09)

384. Change linear sequence of “kite” genera in Accipitridae (Remsen). PASSED (14 Apr. 09)

385. Elevate Turdus maculirostris to species rank (Remsen). PASSED (14 July 09)

386. Change linear sequence of genera in Psittacidae (Remsen). PASSED (1 June 09)

387. Split Poospiza cabanisi from P. lateralis (Pacheco). PASSED (18 Aug 09)

389. Treat Scytalopus fuscicauda as conspecific with S. meridanus (Jorge Avendaño C.). PASSED (1 June 09)

393. Treat Upucerthia saturatior as a separate species from Upucerthia dumetaria (Remsen). PASSED (12 Aug 09)

394. Treat Automolus rufipectus as a separate species from Automolus rubiginosus (Remsen). PASSED (10 June 09)

396. Establish English names for Phacellodomus ferrugineigula and P. erythrophthalmus (Zimmer, Pearman, and J. Lowen). PASSED (19 Aug 09)

397. Change the English name of Phegornis mitchellii from Diademed Plover back to Diademed Sandpiper-Plover (Jaramillo). PASSED (17 Aug 09)

400. Change linear sequence of genera in Rhinocryptidae (Remsen). PASSED (30 Sep. 09)

401. Remove hyphens from certain English names (Remsen). PASSED (30 Sep. 09)

402. Remove hyphens from certain English names that do not represent monophyletic groups (Remsen). PASSED (30 Sep. 09)

403. Split Pyrrhura griseipectus from P. leucotis (Fabio Olmos, Ciro Albano, Alberto Campos, Weber Girão, & Jeremy Minns). PASSED (18 May 10)

404. Change English name for Scytalopus griseicollis. * PASSED (16 Mar. 10)

406. Recognize the newly described species Synallaxis beverlyae (Remsen). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

407. Change the English name of Anthus chacoensis to Pampas Pipit (Ignacio Roesler). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

405A: Split Dysithamnus plumbeus and D. leucostictus (II). * PASSED (16 Mar. 10)

405C: Adopt "White-streaked Antvireo" as English name for D. leucostictus (II). * PASSED (16 Mar. 10)

408. Change linear order of current Thryothorus wrens (II) (Thomas Donegan and Keith Barker). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

409. Recognize genus Pheugopedius (II) (Thomas Donegan and Keith Barker). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

410. Recognize genus Thryophilus (II) (Thomas Donegan and Keith Barker). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

411. Recognize genus Cantorchilus (II) (Thomas Donegan and Keith Barker). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

412. Split Momotus momota into five species (Gary Stiles). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

413. Change linear sequence of species in Diglossa (Remsen). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

414. Change linear sequence of species in Cinclodes (Camilo Sanín). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

415. Split Cinclodes fuscus into three species (Camilo Sanín). PASSED (17 Mar. 10)

416. Split Common Gallinule (Gallinula galeata) from Common Moorhen (G. chloropus) (Jaramillo). PASSED (16 Mar. 10)

418. Recognize Icterus pyrrhopterus as a separate species from Icterus cayanensis (Rosendo Fraga). PASSED (9 Aug 10)

419. Recognize the newly described Serpophaga griseicapilla (Jaramillo). PASSED (18 May 10)

420. Separate Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris into two species (Jaramillo). PASSED (18 May 10)

421A. Split Grallaricula cumanensis from G. nana. * PASSED (17 Aug 10)

423. Change linear sequence of genera in Rhinocryptidae (Remsen). PASSED (17 Aug 10)

424. Recognize Geocerthia Chesser and Claramunt, 2009 (Remsen). PASSED (9 Aug 10)

425. Recognize Nephelomyias Ohlson et al., 2009 (Remsen). PASSED (9 Aug 10)

426. Place Chlorospingus in the Emberizidae (Remsen). PASSED (9 Aug 10)

427. Transfer Saltator rufiventris from the Cardinalidae to the Thraupidae (Remsen). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

428. Add Puffinus tenuirostris (Short-tailed Shearwater) to main list (Pacheco). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

429. Add Anthus cervinus (Red-throated Pipit) to main list (Juan Freile). PASSED (28 Sep 10)

430. Recognize Trogon [v.] ramonianus and T. [v.] crissalis as constituting a single species distinct from Trogon violaceus (Zimmer). PASSED (6 October 10)

431. Split Frederickena unduligera into two species (Zimmer). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

432. Merge Skutchia borbae into Phlegopsis (Thamnophilidae) (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

433. Recognize a new genus Pseudasthenes for some members of Asthenes (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

434. Place all members of Schizoeaca and Oreophylax in Asthenes (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (6 October 10)

435. Place Deconychura stictolaema in a new genus Certhiasomus (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (13 Sep 10)

436. Recognize a new genus Drymotoxeres for Campylorhamphus pucherani (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (6 October 10)

437 (c, d, e, f, h). Reorganize the generic classification of the “core tanagers” (Stiles). PASSED


c. Continue to recognize the genera Stephanophorus, Diuca, Neothraupis, Lophospingus, Cissopis and Schistochlamys and Paroaria. PASSED (29 November 12)

d. Continue to recognize Wetmorethraupis and Bangsia as separate genera. PASSED (29 November 12)

e. Lump Thraupis bonariensis into Pipraeidea. PASSED (29 November 12)

f. Lump Delothraupis into Dubusia. PASSED (28 November 12)

h. Recognize Buthraupis for montana, Chlorornis for riefferii, and Cnemathraupis for eximia and aureodorsalis. PASSED (29 November 12)


438. Change linear sequence of species in Brotogeris (Remsen). PASSED (7 October 10)

439. Split Ortalis columbiana from O. guttata. * PASSED (3 January 2011)

444. Change the English name of Pachyptila desolata from Dove Prion to Antarctic Prion (Caio Carlos). PASSED (17 Aug 10)

442. Recognize Phaethornis aethopyga as a valid species (Vítor de Q. Piacentini). PASSED (12 Nov 10)

446. Treat Scytalopus opacus as a separate species from Scytalopus canus (Cadena). PASSED (12 Nov 10)

448. Change the English name of Puffinus gravis from Greater Shearwater to Great Shearwater (Steve Howell). PASSED (17 Aug 10)

449. Create a new order, Phaethontiformes, for the Phaethontidae (Shawn Billerman, Irby Lovette, Terry Chesser). PASSED (11 Nov 10)

450. Alter the traditional orders Pelecaniformes (excluding Phaethontidae) and Ciconiiformes to reflect new data on their relationships, and create a new order, Suliformes (Shawn Billerman, Irby Lovette, Terry Chesser). PASSED (11 Nov 10)

451. Create a new order, Eurypygiformes, for the Sunbittern (and Kagu) (Shawn Billerman, Irby Lovette, Terry Chesser). PASSED (11 Nov 10)

452. Recognize the parulid genus Parkesia (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (7 October 10)

453x. Recognize the parulid genus Leiothlypis (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (9 February 11)

454. Recognize a new scientific name for the Blue-winged Warbler (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (5 Mar 11)

455. Aratinga maculata has priority over recently described A. pintoi (Pacheco). PASSED (5 Mar 11)

456. Resurrect Rhynchospiza for South American “Aimophila” (Remsen). PASSED (9 February 11)

458. Forpus modestus has priority over Forpus sclateri (Pacheco and Edward Dickinson). PASSED (12 Nov 10)

460. Revise generic boundaries in the Buteo group (Remsen). PASSED (8 Aug 10)

461. Remove Busarellus from buteonine genera in linear sequence of Accipitridae (a) and (b) rearrange linear sequence on non-buteonine genera (Remsen). PASSED (31 Mar 11)

463. Recognize newly described Scytalopus petrophilus (Remsen). PASSED (5 Mar 11)

466. Transfer Caprimulgus rufus and Caprimulgus sericocaudatus to the genus Antrostomus (Robbins). PASSED (3 Mar 11)

467. Transfer Podager nacunda to the genus Chordeiles (Robbins). PASSED (3 Mar 11)

468. Species limits in Arremon torquatus (Cadena). PASSED (June 11)

469A. Species limits in Paroaria (Jaramillo). PASSED (31 Mar 11)

470. Move White Wagtail (Motacilla alba) from the Hypothetical to Main SACC List (Robbins). PASSED (3 Mar 11)

471. Change English name of Atlapetes rufinucha (Dan Lane). PASSED (29 Jul 11)

475. Recognize Myrmeciza palliata as a separate species from Myrmeciza laemosticta (Andrés Cuervo). PASSED (2 Aug 11)

476. Add Pterodroma macroptera (Great-winged Petrel) to main list (Pacheco & C. Agne). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

477. Change the spelling of Claravis godefrida to Claravis geoffroyi (Nacho Areta). PASSED (29 Jul 11)

478. Species limits in Ortalis. (A) Split Ortalis araucuan from O. guttata. (B) Split Ortalis squamata from O. guttata. * PASSED (19 Nov 12)

479. Recognize a new species of Grallaria. Part A. Reconocer la especie recientemente descrita Grallaria como especie (Luis Sandoval). Part B. Recognize Grallaria urraoensis as the scientific name of the new species (Santiago Claramunt). PASSED (2 Aug 11)

480. Place Sapayoa aenigma in its own family, Sapayoidae (Shawn Billerman & Terry Chesser). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

481. Change the linear sequence of the furnarioid families (Terry Chesser). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

482. Treat Snowy Plover Charadrius nivosus as a separate species from Kentish Plover C. alexandrinus (Clemens Küpper, Tamás Székely, and Terry Burke). PASSED (11 Nov 11)

483. Split Calonectris edwardsii from Calonectris diomedea (Andrew Kratter). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

486. Restore the genus Microxenops for Xenops milleri (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

487. English names for seven new species Arremon torquatus group (Remsen). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

488. Resurrect Sporagra for South American goldfinches and siskins (Remsen). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

489. Changes in various species names to conform to The Code (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (1 Aug 11)

490. The correct name for Chlorostilbon aureoventris is C. lucidus (Stiles). PASSED (28 Oct 11)

491A and 491B. Change linear sequence of orders for (A) Falconiformes and Psittaciformes (Nores) and (B) Cariamiformes (Remsen). PASSED (24 Jan 12)

492. Revise generic boundaries in the Buteogallus group (2) (Remsen). PASSED (25 Jan 12)

493. Treat Basileuterus hypoleucus as conspecific with Basileuterus culicivorus (Paul Smith). PASSED (2 Feb 12)

495. Split Willisornis vidua from Willisornis poecilinotus (Zimmer). PASSED (11 Nov 11)

496. Change the English name of Pyrrhura cruentata (Zimmer). PASSED (28 Oct 11)

497. Change the English name of Amazona vinacea (Zimmer). PASSED (28 Oct 11)

498. Change the English name of Amazona aestiva (Zimmer). PASSED (28 Oct 11)

499. Establish the English name of Pyrilia aurantiocephala (Zimmer). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

502. Split Sporophila pileata from S. bouvreuil (Erika Machado and Luis Fabio Silveira). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

504. New linear sequence of genera in Furnariidae (Remsen & Santiago Claramunt). PASSED (2 Feb 12)

505. Split Thrush-like Manakin Schiffornis turdina into any of two to seven species.* PASSED (in part) (24 Apr. 12)

508. Transfer Larus marinus from Hypothetical List to Main List (Pearman). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

509. Transfer Chlidonias leucopterus from Hypothetical List to Main List (Pearman). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

510. Transfer Oenanthe oenanthe from Hypothetical List to Main List (Pearman). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

511. A). Split Eudyptes moseleyi from E. chrysocome (Pearman). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

B). Add E. moseleyi to the main SACC species list (Pearman). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

512. Transfer genera from Emberizidae and Incertae Sedis to Thraupidae (B) (Remsen & Kevin Burns). PASSED (8 Feb 12)

513. Change English name of Scytalopus panamensis to "Tacarcuna Tapaculo" (Stotz). PASSED (24 Apr 12)

514. Recognize Turdus sanchezorum (Dan Lane). PASSED (8 Mar 12)

515. Remove hyphens from certain English names that do not represent monophyletic groups: “Black-Hawk" (Remsen). PASSED (8 Mar 12)

516. Establish the English name of Eudyptes moseleyi (Pearman). PASSED (8 Mar 12)

517. Establish English names for Sporophila bouvreuil and Sporophila pileata (Nacho Areta and Mark Pearman). PASSED (24 Apr 12)

518. Recognize the genus Isleria for two "Myrmotherula" (Gustavo Bravo & Robb Brumfield). PASSED (29 Jun 12)

519. Correct the name Eriocnemis alinae to E. aline (Manuel Plenge). PASSED (29 Jun 12)

520. Recognize Aulacorhynchus [d.] whitelianus as a separate species from A. derbianus (Elisa Bonaccorso). PASSED (4 Sep 2012)

521. Change the scientific name of the Common Bush-Tanager from Chlorospingus ophthalmicus to C. flavopectus (Rainer Massmann). PASSED (7 Aug 2012)

522. An alternative classification of nightjar species in the New World (Nores and Stiles). PASSED (7 Dec 2012)

523. Split Gray Hawk (Buteo nitidus) into two species (Brian A. Millsap, Sergio H. Seipke, and William S. Clark). PASSED (7 Aug 2012)

526. Split Troglodytes cobbi from T. aedon (Robin Woods and Alvaro Jaramillo). PASSED (19 Nov 2012)

527. Move Philydor ruficaudatum and P. lichtensteini to Anabacerthia (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (4 Sep 2012)

528. Merge Simoxenops into Syndactyla (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (4 Sep 2012)

529. Merge Gyalophylax and Siptornopsis into Synallaxis (Robb Brumfield). PASSED (4 Sep 2012)

530. Remove hyphens from “Ground-Dove” (Remsen). PASSED (7 Aug 2012)

535. Change the English name of Phalacrocorax magellanicus to Magellanic Cormorant (Jaramillo & Remsen). PASSED (7 Aug 2012)

531. Revise linear sequence of species in Pionus (Remsen). PASSED (15 Nov 2012)

532. Revise linear sequence of species in Amazona (Remsen). PASSED (15 Nov 2012)

533. Recognize Selenidera piperivora as the valid combination for the Guianan Toucanet (Pacheco and Vitor Piacentini). PASSED (19 Nov 2012)

538. Correct the name of Piezorhina to Piezorina (Manuel A. Plenge). PASSED (15 Nov 2012)

542. Split Drymophila caudata into four species (Andrés Cuervo). PASSED (18 Nov 2012)

525. Resurrect the genus Uromyias (Shane DuBay and Chris Witt). PASSED (23 Nov 2012)

534. Changes to Pipridae genera and sequence (Stotz). PASSED (23 Nov 2012)

537. Elevate Pauxi unicornis koepckeae to species rank (Daniel Brooks, Ross MacLeod, and Melvin Gastañaga-C.). PASSED (23 Nov 2012)

539. Elevate Sicalis olivascens mendozae to species status (Nacho Areta, Mark Pearman, and Raúl Abalos). PASSED (23 Nov 2012)

540. Elevate Dendrocincla fuliginosa turdina to species rank (Pacheco). PASSED (23 Nov 2012)

541. Elevate Myrmeciza immaculata zeledoni to species rank. * PASSED (29 Nov 2012)

543. English names for Schiffornis (genus and species) (Stiles); now 543A (Remsen) PASSED (15 May 2013)

547. Transfer Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sphyrapicus varius from the Hypothetical List to Main List. * PASSED (29 Nov 2012)

551. Change linear sequence of genera in Charadriidae (Remsen). PASSED (30 Nov 2012)

552. Add subfamilies to Columbidae (Remsen). PASSED (22 Nov 2013)

553. Add subfamilies to Accipitridae (Remsen). PASSED (22 Nov 2013)

554. Change linear sequence in Coeligena (Remsen). PASSED (30 Nov 2012)

555. Reclassification of the Scolopacidae (Remsen). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

558. Treat Thalurania fannyi and Thalurania colombica as conspecific. * PASSED (12 Mar 2013)

562. Recognize newly described Thryophilus sernai (Carlos E. Lara, Andrés M. Cuervo, and C. Daniel Cadena). PASSED (10 Mar 2013)

563. Recognize the genus Rhopias for Myrmotherula gularis (Ricardo Belmonte-Lopes, Gustavo A. Bravo, & Marcos R. Bornschein). PASSED (12 Mar 2013)

557. Recognize the genus Euchrepomis for four "Terenura" (Gustavo Bravo and Remsen). PASSED (17 Mar 2013)

566. Treat Geotrygon purpurata as a separate species from G. saphirina. * PASSED (17 Mar 2013)

567. Change English name of Drymophila caudata. * PASSED (30 July 2013)

568. Change English names of Immaculate Antbirds.* PASSED (30 July 2013)

570. Adopt a new English name for Thamnophilus atrinucha (2) (Mort Isler). PASSED (12 Mar 2013)

571. Adopt a new generic classification for the Parulidae (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (30 July 2013)

572. Merge Upucerthia validirostris and U. jelskii into a single species (Nacho Areta and Mark Pearman). PASSED (22 Nov 2013)

573. Elevate Knipolegus cabanisi to species rank (Peter A. Hosner). PASSED (7 Dec 2013)

574. Elevate Knipolegus franciscanus to species rank (Peter A. Hosner). PASSED (25 Oct 2013)

576. Add Silver Pheasant (Lophura nycthemera) to the Main List as an introduced species (Mark Pearman and Nacho Areta). PASSED (25 Oct 2013)

577. Add Fea’s Petrel Pterodroma feae deserta to the main list (Mark Pearman). PASSED (25 Oct 2013)

578. Divide Aratinga into four genera (Remsen and Adam Urantówka). PASSED (25 Oct 2013)

579. Change the English names of Chlorospingus species from “Bush-Tanager” to “Chlorospingus” (Remsen). PASSED (30 July 2013)

583. Change English name for Myrmeciza immaculata (II) to "Blue-lored Antbird”. * PASSED (6 Aug 2013)

580. Recognize newly described Thripophaga amacurensis (Zimmer). PASSED (19 Sep 2013)

581. Recognize newly described Scytalopus gettyae (Pete Hosner). PASSED (25 Oct 2013)

582. Split Pterodroma heraldica and P. atrata from P. arminjoniana (Jaramillo et al.). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

585. Recognize newly described Herpsilochmus stotzi (Pacheco). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

586. Recognize newly described Herpsilochmus praedictus (Gustavo A. Bravo). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

587. Split Gymnopithys leucaspis into two species (Ben Freeman). PASSED (15 Feb 2014)

588. Recognize newly described Hypocnemis rondoni (Morton Isler). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

589A. Split Epinecrophylla haematonota into four species (Morton Isler). PASSED (27 Oct 2015).

591. Revise the classification of the Pipridae (Remsen). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

593 A. Revise linear sequence of species in the genus Saltator (Remsen). PASSED (22 Feb 2014)

594. Revise linear sequences of species in Geositta, Cinclodes, and Phacellodomus (Remsen). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

595. Revise sequence of genera in the New World parrots (Remsen). PASSED (29 Dec 2013)

597. Modify linear sequence of species in Dendrocincla (Remsen). PASSED (22 Feb 2014)

598. Recognize newly described Hemitriccus cohnhafti (Leonardo S. Miranda and Alexandre Aleixo). PASSED (22 Feb 2014)

599. Revise classification of the Psittaciformes (Remsen). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

600 C. Treat Xiphorhynchus pardalotus as basal to X. ocellatus complex (Sidnei Dantas and Alexandre Aleixo). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

601. Revise classification of Automolus and relatives (Remsen). PASSED (22 Feb 2014)

602. Revise linear sequence of species in Thripadectes (Remsen). PASSED (1 Apr 2014)

603. Split Sclerurus mexicanus into 2 to 5 species (Jacob C. Cooper and Andrés Cuervo) Option B received most votes (17 January 2015)

604. Merge Oryzoborus and Dolospingus into Sporophila (Nicholas A. Mason). PASSED (22 Feb 2014)

605. Change linear sequence of species in Sporophila (Nicholas A. Mason and Remsen). PASSED (1 Apr 2014)

606. English name of Upucerthia validirostris (Remsen). PASSED (1 Apr 2014)

607. Recognize a new species-level taxonomy of trumpeters (Psophiidae) (Teresa Pegan and Jack Hruska) Option 1 received most votes (17 January 2015). 607.1 Retain three species of trumpeters, transferring ochroptera from P. leucoptera to P. crepitans to avoid a paraphyletic P. leucoptera (Psophiidae) (T. Pegan and J. Hruska). PASSED (16 Nov 2016)

608. Modify linear sequence of species in Knipolegus (Remsen). PASSED (1 Apr 2014)

609. Split Oxypogon into four species. * PASSED (1 May 2014)

610. Split Sirystes into two (A) or four (B) species. * (1 May 2014)

614. Change English name of Scytalopus rodriguezi (Thomas Donegan and Jorge Avendaño). PASSED (1 May 2014)

611. Merge Ocyalus and Clypicterus with Cacicus (John Penhallurick). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

612. Change the sequence of species in Sturnella (John Penhallurick). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

613. Recognize newly described genus Anumara (Remsen). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

615. Recognize newly described Sporophila beltoni (Remsen). PASSED (2 Apr 2014)

620. Recognize newly described Lepidocolaptes fatimalimae and split Lepidocolaptes albolineatus into four species (Romina Batista and Alexandre Aleixo). PASSED (26 Aug 2014)

622. Recognize newly described Hylopezus whittakeri and split Hylopezus macularius into two species (Lincoln Carneiro and Alexandre Aleixo). PASSED (26 May 2014)

625. Modify English name of Pheucticus chrysogaster (Dan Lane). PASSED (1 Apr 2014)

626. Recognize rheas as an order, Rheiformes (Remsen). PASSED (1 May 2014)

627. Move Pelecanoididae in linear sequence (Remsen). PASSED (1 May 2014)

628. Reassign species currently placed in Myrmeciza into 12 genera (Mort Isler, Gustavo Bravo, and Robb Brumfield). PASSED (22 February 2016). Note: Part G needs to be revisited in separate proposal.

633. Modify linear sequence of genera and species in Emberizidae (Remsen and John Klicka). PASSED (20 January 2015)

636. Split Cercomacra fuscicauda from Cercomacra nigrescens (Zimmer). PASSED (2 December 2014)

637. Treat Chloephaga melanoptera and Neochen jubata as congeners (in Oressochen) (Jaramillo). PASSED (2 December 2014)

638. Recognize the genus Cercomacroides (Thamnophilidae) (Jose G. Tello). PASSED (2 December 2014)

639. Split extralimital R. l. crepitans group from Rallus longirostris (James Maley and Robb Brumfield). PASSED (2 December 2014)

640. Adopt a new classification for the quail-doves (Columbidae) (Richard C. Banks). PASSED (2 December 2014)

641. Change English names in certain Icteridae: (A) Bay-winged Cowbird, (B) Red-breasted Blackbird and White-browed Blackbird, and (C) Band-tailed Oropendola and Casqued Oropendola (Remsen). PASSED (22 November 2014)

642. Elevate subspecies Agelaioides badius fringillarius (Pale Baywing) to species rank (Rosendo Fraga). PASSED (20 January 2015)

643. Recognize Scytalopus gonzagai as a valid species (Pacheco, Giovanni Maurício & Marcos Ricardo Bornschein). PASSED (2 December 2014)

644B. Revise the classification of the Phoenicopteridae: Modify linear sequence of species (Jaramillo). PASSED (20 January 2015)

647. Split Ardenna from Puffinus (Remsen). PASSED (21 January 2015)

648B. Revise the classification of the Phalacrocoracidae: linear sequence (Remsen). PASSED (22 January 2016)

649. Revise the linear sequence of species in the Fregatidae (Remsen). PASSED (20 January 2015)

650. (A) Resurrect Mustelirallus for Porzana albicollis and (B) transfer Neocrex to Mustelirallus (Remsen) (20 January 2015)

651. Resurrect Porphyriops for Gallinula melanops (Remsen). PASSED (20 January 2015)

653. Change English name “Brush-Finch” to “Brushfinch” (Remsen and Schulenberg). PASSED (21 January 2015)

654. Elevate the subspecies Anthocephala floriceps floriceps and A. f. berlepschi to species rank (Maria Lozano, Alejandro Rico, and Daniel Cadena). PASSED (March 2015)

655. Transfer Hylophilus sclateri to Vireo (A) and change English name to Tepui Vireo (B) (Dave Slager). PASSED (11 January 2015)

656. Revise the generic classification of 6 species of Hylophilus: (A) resurrect Pachysylvia and (B) recognize Tunchiornis (Dave Slager). PASSED (16 February 2015)

660. English names for the Lineated Woodcreeper group (A-E) (Remsen). PASSED (16 June 2015)

661. Revise the linear sequence of Vireonidae (Dave Slager). PASSED (9 December 2015)

662. Establish an English name for Scytalopus gonzagai (Remsen, Giovanni Maurício, Whitney, and Pacheco). PASSED (18 February 2015)

663. Change English name of Ramphastos ambiguus (Remsen). PASSED (18 February 2015)

664. Treat Stephanoxis lalandi as consisting of two species (Remsen). PASSED (May 2015).

665. Revise the classification of sandpipers and turnstones (Arenariinae). (Richard C. Banks) PASSED (May 2015)

666. Add Pluvialis fulva (Pacific Golden Plover) to main list (Juan Freile). PASSED (31 Oct 2015)

667. Add Chroicocephalus philadelphia (Bonaparte’s Gull) to main list (Juan Freile). PASSED (4 Sep 2015)

668. Add Larus californicus (California Gull) to main list (Juan Freile). PASSED (4 Sep 2015)

669. English names of the Blossomcrowns (Stiles). PASSED (16 June 2015)

670. Recognize Scytalopus perijanus as a valid species (Jorge Enrique Avendaño). PASSED (4 Sep 2015)

671. Change the scientific name of Chapada Flycatcher (Schulenberg). PASSED (15 Dec 2015)

672. English names for Stephanoxis loddigesii and Stephanoxis lalandi (Schulenberg). PASSED (23 July 2015)

673. Recognize Nyctiprogne leucopyga latifascia as a species (Robbins). PASSED (22 Jan 2016) (but not implemented because of nomenclatural issue: see SACC 954).

675. Change South American siskins from the genus Sporagra to the genus Spinus (E. J. Beckman and C. C. Witt). PASSED (9 Jan 2016)

676. Split the Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch (Geospiza difficilis) and the Large Cactus-Finch (Geospiza conirostris) into multiple species (Jaramillo). PASSED (15 July 2016)

677A. Recognize Systellura longirostris decussata as species (Schulenberg and Robbins). PASSED (15 July 2016)

678. The correct spelling of the name for Dives warszewiczi is Dives warczewiczi (Manuel A. Plenge). PASSED (9 Jan 2016)

679. Recognize Nystalus obamai Whitney et al. 2013 as a species (Schulenberg). PASSED (22 Jan 2016)

680. Revise the linear sequence of cuckoos (Cuculidae) (Schulenberg). PASSED (22 Jan 2016)

681. Change the English name of Buteogallus coronatus (Schulenberg). PASSED (31 Oct 2015)

682. Change the English name of Eudyptes sclateri (Remsen). PASSED (22 Jan 2016)

683. Change the English name of Gallinago jamesoni (Remsen). PASSED (22 Jan 2016)

684. Elevate Conopophaga lineata cearae to species rank (Remsen). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

685. Modify linear sequence of (A) genera and (B) species in Conopophagidae (Remsen). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

686. Treat Elaenia brachyptera as a separate species from Elaenia chiriquensis (Stotz). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

687. Merge Pelecanoididae into Procellariidae (Remsen). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

688. Rearrange linear sequence of species in Celeus (Picidae) (Robbins). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

689. Transfer Helmeted Woodpecker from Dryocopus to Celeus (Robbins, Zimmer, and Brett Benz). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

690. Transfer Crex crex from Hypothetical List to Main List (Pacheco). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

691. Change spelling of Pteroglossus beauharnaesii to Pteroglossus beauharnaisii (Pacheco) 691x. Revision to include two recent papers (Normand David) PASSED (23 May 2021)

692. Change name of Bahia Spinetail from Synallaxis whitneyi to S. cinerea (Pacheco). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

695. Add Bangsia arcaei to the Main List (Dan Zimberlin). PASSED (31 Jan 2016)

696. Establish English names for newly split taxa in the Epinecrophylla haematonota complex (Schulenberg; Remsen) PASSED (7 July 2018)

697. Elevate Asthenes vilcabambae ayacuchensis to species rank (Peter A. Hosner). PASSED (30 May 2016)

698. Recognize Zimmerius chicomendesi Whitney et al. 2013 as a species (Schulenberg). PASSED (22 June 2016)

699. Add Milvus migrans to Main List (Pacheco). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

700. Elevate Henicorhina leucophrys anachoreta to species rank (Cadena). PASSED (22 June 2016)

701. Estlabish English names for splits from Nystalus striolatus (Zimmer). PASSED (22 June 2016)

703. Elevate Steatornithidae and Nyctibiidae to rank of Order (Remsen). PASSED (24 October 2016)

704. Transfer Saltator and Saltatricula from Incertae Sedis to Thraupidae (Remsen). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

705A. Correct the scientific name of (A) Leptotila cassini and (B) Amazilia saucerrottei based on evidence in the original description (Terry Chesser). PASSED (B: 15 July 2016, A: 24 October 2016)

706. Change the linear sequence of genera in the family Odontophoridae (Terry Chesser). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

707. Treat Caribbean Coot Fulica caribaea as conspecific with American Coot F. americana (Terry Chesser). PASSED (12 July 2016)

708. Add Zenaida asiatica (White-winged Dove) to main SACC list (Carlos J. Villa-De León). PASSED (12 July 2016)

709. Add Phasianus colchicus (Ring-necked Pheasant) to the South American list (Rodrigo Barros and Jaramillo). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

710. Add Thalassoica antarctica (Antarctic Petrel) to the main list (Rodrigo Barros and Jaramillo). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

711. Add Pterodroma nigripennis (Black-winged Petrel) to the main list (Rodrigo Barros and Jaramillo). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

712. Add Pterodroma leucoptera (Gould’s Petrel) to the main list (Rodrigo Barros and Jaramillo). PASSED (4 Aug 2016)

713. Merge Pseudoscops clamator into Asio (Claramunt). PASSED (15 July 2016)

717. Recognize the new genus Mazaria for “Synallaxis” propinqua (Claramunt). PASSED (24 October 2016)

718. Correct the scientific name of Chilean Swallow from Tachycineta meyeni to the older name Tachycineta leucopyga (Schulenberg). PASSED (12 July 2016)

721. Treat Pincoya Storm-Petrel (Oceanites pincoyae) as a valid new species (Jaramillo) PASSED (19 June 2018)

722. Recognize Pseudosaltator as the genus for Saltator rufiventris (A) and change the English name of the species (B). PASSED (9 July 2016)

723. Revise the linear sequence of Orders (R. Terry Chesser). PASSED (20 November 2016)

724. Merge Cyanocompsa cyanoides and C. brissonii into Cyanoloxia (Claramunt). PASSED (20 November 2016)

725. Change the spelling of Porphyrio martinicus to Porphyrio martinica (J. C. Fernández-Ordóñez). PASSED (2 November 2016)

726. Transfer Phibalura from Incertae Sedis to the Cotingidae (Claramunt). PASSED (2 November 2016)

727. Transfer Calyptura from Incertae Sedis to the Tyrannidae (Claramunt). PASSED (2 November 2016)

729. Reinstate genus Chloris for “Carduelischloris (Pacheco). PASSED (9 March 2017)

730.04. Merge Tiaris bicolor into (extralimital) currently monotypic Melanospiza and recognize newly named Asemospiza for Tiaris obscurus and Tiaris fuliginosus. PASSED (7 July 2018)

730.05. Recognize new genus Islerothraupis for Tachyphonus cristatus, T. luctuosus, and T. rufiventer. PASSED (7 July 2018)

730.07. Resurrect Pseudospingus for Hemispingus xanthophthalmus and H. verticalis. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.08. Merge two species of Hemispingus (H. rufosuperciliaris and H. goeringi) and the two species of Compsospiza (C. garleppi and C. baeri) into a more restricted Poospiza (type = P. nigrorufa) than currently recognized. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.09. Recognize newly named Kleinothraupis for four species of Hemispingus (atropileus, calophrys, reyi, and parodii). PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.10. Resurrect Sphenopsis for Hemispingus melanotis and H. frontalis. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.11. Merge Pyrrhocoma ruficeps and Hemispingus superciliaris into Thlypopsis. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.12. Resurrect Poospizopsis Berlepsch for Poospiza caesar and P. hypochondria. PASSED (7 July 2018)

730.13. Recognize newly named, monotypic Castanozoster for Poospiza thoracica. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.14. Recognize Microspingus for Hemispingus trifasciatus and merge Poospiza cabanisi, P. lateralis, P. erythrophrys, P. alticola, P. torquata, P. cinerea, and P. melanoleuca into Microspingus. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.15. Merge Oreomanes into Conirostrum. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.17. Resurrect Geospizopsis for Phrygilus unicolor and P. plebejus. PASSED (20 May 2019)

730.18. Recognize a monotypic Tephrophilus for Buthraupis wetmorei; recognize monotypic Sporathraupis Ridgway 1898 for Thraupis cyanocephala; and continue to recognize Anisognathus as monophyletic despite lack of support PASSED (5 March 2018)

730.19. Resurrect Ixothraupis for Tangara punctata, T. varia, T. rufigula, T. xanthogastra, and T. guttata. PASSED (22 April 2017)

730.20. Recognize newly named Poecilostreptus for Tangara palmeri (and extralimital T. cabanisi); resurrect Chalcothraupis for Tangara ruficervix; and recognize newly named Stilpnia for Tangara cyanoptera, T. larvata, T. nigrocincta, T. cyanicollis, T. preciosa, T. peruviana, T. meyerdeschauenseei, T. vitriolina, T. cucullata, T. cayana, T. viridicollis, T. phillipsi, T. argyrofenges, and T. heinei. PASSED (7 July 2018)

731x. Elevate Ortalis motmot ruficeps to species rank (2) (Luis Fabio Silveira & Pacheco) PASSED (19 Jan 2021)

734. Add Apus apus (Common Swift) to the main list (Otte Ottema) PASSED (23 March 2017)

735. Modify linear sequences to reflect new phylogenetic data in nonpasserines (Remsen) PASSED (4 February 2018)


A. Placement of Anthocephala in Trochilidae

B. Sequence of families in Suliformes

C. Sequence of species and genera in Cathartidae

D. Sequence of genera in Rallidae

E. Sequence of species in Fulica

F. Sequence of species in Charadrius

G. Invert Laridae and Rynchopidae

H. Sequence of species in Megascops

I. Sequence of families in Coraciiformes

J. Sequence of species in Chloroceryle

K. Sequence of genera in Picidae

L. Sequence of species in Forpus


736. Elevate Cyanoloxia cyanoides rothschildii to species rank (Natalia García) PASSED (6 February 2018)

737. Add Murphy’s Petrel (Pterodroma ultima) to the South American list (Jaramillo) PASSED (23 March 2017)

740. Recognize the genus Oneillornis (Thamnophilidae) (Mort Isler, Gustavo Bravo, and Robb Brumfield) (4 February 2018)

741. Split Zimmerius vilissimus into three species (Andrew W. Jones) PASSED (4 February 2018)

742. Elevate Celeus flavescens ochraceus to species status (Robbins and Brett Benz) PASSED (4 February 2018)

743. Establish an English name for Henicorhina anachoreta (Schulenberg). PASSED (9 March 2017)

744. Transfer White-lined Antbird from Percnostola to Myrmoborus (Mort Isler, Gustavo Bravo, and Robb Brumfield) PASSED (6 February 2018)

745. Add Troglodytes ochraceus to the Main List (Jorge Enrique Avendaño) PASSED (4 February 2018)

746. Move Arremon crassirostris from Hypothetical List to Main List (Jorge Enrique Avendaño) PASSED (4 February 2018)

747. Proposal for English names for recently split Darwin’s finches (Jaramillo) PASSED (1 June 2018)

749. Add Tringa nebularia (Common Greenshank) to the main list (Pearman) PASSED (1 March 2018)

750. Add Charadrius mongolus (Lesser Sand-Plover) to the main list (Pearman) PASSED (1 March 2018)

751. Revise species limits in Polioptila guianensis complex (Jacob Socolar) PASSED (20 May 2019)

752. Split Sclerurus mexicanus into multiple species (Jacob Cooper and Andrés Cuervo)

        I. Split Sclerurus mexicanus into two species: Sclerurus mexicanus and Sclerurus obscurior PASSED (11 Feb 2020).

        II. Split Sclerurus mexicanus into Sclerurus mexicanus and Sclerurus pullus Advisory only to NACC PASSED (11 Feb 2020)

753. Treat Poospiza whitii as a separate species from P. nigrorufa (Emilio A. Jordan and Juan. I. Areta) PASSED (1 March 2018)

755. Split Campylopterus largipennis into four species (Pacheco)

        A. Treat subspecies diamantinensis as a separate species from Campylopterus largipennis PASSED (11 Feb 2020)

756. Recognize Campylopterus calcirupicola as a valid species (Pacheco) PASSED (1 June 2018).

757. Add Fregata aquila to the Main List (Sean Williams) PASSED (6 April 2018)

758. Elevate Thamnistes anabatinus rufescens to species rank (Mort Isler and Bret Whitney) PASSED (3 April 2018)

759. Treat Pyriglena (Thamnophilidae) as consisting of five species (Mort Isler and Marcos Maldonado-Coelho) PASSED (11 Feb 2020)

760. Add Chlidonias hybrida (Whiskered Tern) to the Main List (Dan Zimberlin) PASSED (3 April 2018)

761. Change species limits within Machaeropterus regulus (Dan Lane) PASSED (6 April 2018)

762. Treat Cranioleuca baroni and Cranioleuca antisiensis as conspecific (Glenn Seeholzer and Robb Brumfield) PASSED (3 April 2018)

763. Recognize Myrmoderus eowilsoni as a species (Dan Lane) PASSED (6 April 2018)

765. Recognize Anthus peruvianus as a separate species from Anthus lutescens (Paul van Els and Heraldo V. Norambuena) PASSED (6 April 2018)

766. Clarify the taxonomic position of Zimmerius "chrysops" flavidifrons (Schulenberg) PASSED (19 June 2018)

769. Add newly described Megascops gilesi to the SACC list (Dan Lane) PASSED (3 April 2018)

770. Treat Megascops colombianus as a subspecies of M. ingens (Dan Lane) PASSED (4 June 2018)

771. Break up Megascops guatemalae into several species (II) (Dan Lane) PASSED (1 June 2018)

A. Recognize M. centralis as a separate species

B. Recognize M. roraimae group as a separate species

772. Add Ichthyaetus audouinii (Audouin's Gull) to main SACC list (Martyn Kenefick) PASSED (3 April 2018)

774. Split Schistes geoffroyi into two species (Stiles) PASSED (21 June 2018)

775. Split Urochroa bougueri into two species (Stiles) PASSED (21 June 2018)

776. Treat New World Circus (c.) hudsonius as a separate species from Old World Circus cyaneus (Pamela C. Rasmussen) PASSED (1 June 2018)

777. Recognize additional species in the Aulacorhynchus “prasinus toucanet complex: A. Split Emerald Toucanet into two species, i.e. Aulacorhynchus prasinus (Middle America) Aulacorhynchus albivitta (South America) (Kevin Winker); B. Adopt English names Northern Emerald-Toucanet and Southern Emerald-Toucanet for the two species above. PASSED (23 May 2021)

778. Revise the classification of the Icteridae: (A) add seven subfamilies; (B) split Leistes from Sturnella; and (C) modify the linear sequence of genera (Remsen) PASSED (11 May 2019)

779. Transfer Calidris acuminata (Sharp-tailed Sandpiper) from Hypothetical List to Main SACC list (Remsen) PASSED (1 June 2018)

780. Change the generic classification of the Trochilini (part 1) (Stiles) PASSED (18 April 2019):

5A. Retain the non-Pampa species of Campylopterus in this genus, which includes its type species

6A. Retain generic rank for Orthorhynchus, Abeillia, Klais, Anthocephala and Stephanoxis.

8B. Lump Goethalsia into Goldmania.

10A. Continue to recognize the genera Thalurania and Chalybura.

781. Change the generic classification of the Trochilini (part 2) (Stiles).

1B. Recognize Leucippus and Phaeochroa as distinct monospecific genera.

2B. Resurrect the genus Thaumasius for Leucippus baeri and L. taczanowskii.

3B. Lump Aphantochroa into Eupetomena.

4A. Resurrect the monospecific genus Talaphorus for Leucippus chlorocercus.

6B. Resurrect the genus Saucerottia for Amazilia saucerottei, A. edward, A. cyanifrons, A. castaneiventris, A. viridigaster, and A. tobaci.

7A. Restrict the genus Amazilia to A. tzacatl and extralimital A. yucatanensis and A. rutila.

8A. Recognize the genus Amazilis as a monospecific genus for the species amazilia.

9A. Recognize the monospecific genus Uranomitra for the species franciae.

10B. Expand Chrysuronia to include seven additional species formerly placed in Lepidopyga, Hylocharis, and Amazilia.

11A. Continue to separate albicollis in the monospecific genus Leucochloris recognizing its genetic distinctiveness and unique plumage.

12A. Recognize Chionomesa for the species fimbriata and lactea.

13A. Recognize a restricted Hylocharis for the species sapphirina and chrysura.

14A. Recognize a new genus for the species chionogaster and viridicauda (here called Elliotia, but this is preoccupied; its name to be supplied in a manuscript submitted).

15A. Recognize a restricted genus Polyerata for the species amabilis, decora, and rosenbergi.

16A. Expand Chlorestes to include four species formerly in the genera Damophila, and Hylocharis.

782. Treat Nothura maculosa and Nothura chacoensis as conspecific (Floyd E. Hayes) PASSED (1 July 2018)

783. Establish English names for Machaeropterus regulus splits (Craig Caldwell) PASSED (4 June 2018)

784. Split Grallaricula leymebambae from G. ferrugineipectus (Benjamin van Doren) PASSED (21 June 2018)

785. Treat Myrmothera subcanescens as a separate species from M. campanisona (Schulenberg) PASSED (21 June 2018)

786. Split Slaty Thrush Turdus nigriceps into two species (Schulenberg) PASSED (16 June 2018). Proposal (786B.1) on English names (Remsen) DID NOT PASS. SACC proposal (786B.2) on English names (Dan Zimberlin) DID NOT PASS.  SACC proposal (786B.3) on English names (David Donsker) passed

787. Revise the generic classification and linear sequence of Anas (David L. Slager and R. Terry Chesser) PASSED (21 June 2018)

788. Transfer Gray Noddy (Procelsterna albivitta) to the genus Anous (David L. Slager) PASSED (19 June 2018)

789. Establish an English name for Cyanoloxia rothschildii (Craig Caldwell) PASSED (1 July 2018)

790A. Treat Ramphocaenus sticturus as a separate species from Ramphocaenus melanurus (Dan Lane) PASSED (18 April 2019).

791. Establish English names for species in the Zimmerius vilissimus complex (Schulenberg) PASSED (19 June 2018)

792.2. Establish English names for Thamnistes species (Remsen). RESOLVED (13 Dec. 2020)

793. Change English name of Celeus ochraceus to “Ochre-backed Woodpecker” (Remsen) (1 July 2018)

794. Add Northern Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) to the South American checklist (Jaramillo) PASSED (7 July 2018)

795. Add Mareca penelope (Eurasian Wigeon) to official SACC list (Tom Johnson) PASSED (7 July 2018)

796. Recognize Colibri cyanotus as a separate species from C. thalassinus (Remsen) PASSED (18 April 2019)

797. A. Split extralimital Aramides albiventris from Aramides cajaneus (Rafael Marcondes and Luis Fabio Silveira) PASSED (29 October 2018)

B. Change English name of Aramides cajaneus from Gray-necked Wood-Rail to Gray-cowled Wood-Rail (NACC) PASSED (27 February 2019)

798. Split the storm-petrels (Hydrobatidae) into two families (Shawn Billerman) PASSED (27 February 2019)

799. Establish English names for the two species of Schistes (Stiles) PASSED